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Svenska Sportdykarförbundet
Svenska Sportdykarförbundet

Junior-NM 2011

The Swedish Sport Diving Federation (Svenska Sportdykarförbundet) hereby invites one team per nation to the Nordic Cup for juniors. The event will take place in Oxelösund, Sweden between November 18 and 20, 2011.


Intent of participation (see enclosure “Intent of Participation”) shall be communicated via e-mail to Hanse Sandblom at the following address: hanse.sandblom@ssdf.se


Intent of Participation should be communicated no later than October 29, 2011.


Entry fee:

Each participating team shall pay an entry fee of SEK 3,000. Payment by bank transfer shall be made no later than October 13. Payment covering the entire amount net of any bank charges shall be identified by the text "UWR ONCJ 2011".


Bank: Swedbank

Iban: SE 9280 000 89011 983 834 6428

Swiftadress: Swedsess


A team will only make CONCLUSIVE entry in the tournament when the team has paid the entry fee in full.


NON OPTIONAL costs for the organizers include:

- The expense of reserving the swimming hall

- Accommodation of tournament organization personnel

- Administration, telephone, fax, postal, PR, etc. prior to and during the competition

- Miscellaneous expenses, such as the printing of ID badges for officials, referees and athletes.


Host agency and governing body:

Svenska Sportdykarförbundet (the Swedish Sport Diving Federation)


The Federation empowers Bromma Caviar Underwater Rugby Club to be act on its behalf in the organization and administration of the competition.



The international UWR rules of CMAS (The World Underwater Federation) from December 2008 shall apply.




Players born in 1991 or later may participate in the Cup. Upon request of the tournament organizers all players shall present valid proof of identity.



One international referee from each participating Federation will referee at the games. Each Federation shall cover the transportation and travel costs for the referee from their own

Federation. In conjunction with each Federation the CMAS Underwater Rugby Chief Referee will select participating referees. The referee schedule will be managed by the Chief Referee.



All written protest must be delivered to the jury of the championship (according to Rule 2.1.4) not

later than 30 minutes after the respective game is ended. The Protest Fee is SEK 500.


The international Jury of the tournament will then decide how to proceed with the protest.

The jury shall be elected according to the CMAS Rules & Regulations at the team leader meeting. The Jury is the highest authority in the tournament.


Tournament location and game area:

The pool is in Oxelösund, a city located one and half hours (90 minutes) drive south of Stockholm. Oxelösund is also close to Nyköping and the Skavsta Airport (Nyköping) which is served by Ryan Air Länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster..


The address of the competition site:

Ramdalens Sport & friskvårdscenter

Torpsvägen 1C



The game area:

Length: 14 m

Width: 10m

Depth: 3.8m

Exchange area: 3m


Warm-up area


Length: 14m

Width: 12m

Depth: 1.2m


Tournament duration:

September 18:

Evening: Training session and team leader meeting

September 19:

08:00 – 20:00: Opening ceremony and preliminary round.

September 20:

08:00 – 20:00: Classification matches, prize ceremony.



Teams that submit the ”Intent of participation” form will receive details about accommodation.


Time Schedule:

The tournament Organizers will establish and issue the Cup schedule in timely fashion after receiving the “Intent of Participation” forms from the applicant Federations.


Limitation of liability:

The host federation will not be liable for any personal or material damages suffered by athletes and national delegations competing at the U-21 Nordic Cup.


Contact persons:

Johan Jonsson


Swedish Underwater Rugby Committee

Telephone: +46 76 140 00 75

E-mail: johan.jonsson@ssdf.se


Hanse Sandblom

Junior Program Head

Swedish Underwater Rugby Committee

Telphone: +46 76 263 57 59

Mail: hanse.sandblom@ssdf.se


Download invitation (pdf.) Länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster.


Johan Jonsson

President Swedish Underwater Rugby Committee

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