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Nordic championships in underwater photography 2018

 Invitation to the Nordic championships in underwater photography 2018


The Swedish sportdiving federation are proud to host the Nordic championships in underwater photography 2018!

The contest is open to all members of the Nordic sportdiving federations. The rules are found here. Read them carefully before selecting the pictures for the competition. Below you will find rule clarifications, read them carefully as well.


The theme in this years competition is: Black and white

Only pure gray scale pictures are allowed.
Tinting, such as sepia, will not be accepted.
Approved waters are the same as in sub classes A1 and A2 (read the rules).


Deadline for entries is the first of November 2018.


Signing up for the competition and submitting pictures is done at the web site www.uvfotosm.se/nm2018. You can upload pictures now and replace them later. It’s the pictures that are uploaded at midnight on the first of November that compete.


Don’t forget to acquire a competition license if your federation requires it for competing in the Nordic championships.


Rule clarifications

Rule 4.2, color space

Since the rules contain no information regarding color space, the following amendment will be applied:

  • The pictures must be submitted as jpg files using the color space sRGB.


If you have questions regarding the competition, send them to This is a mailto link

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