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World Ocean Reviews

05 DEC 2014 10:51
CMAS har släppt nya rapporter om världens hav.
  • Skapad: 05 DEC 2014 10:51

I sitt meddelande skriver de:

"The first “World Ocean Review” is published in 2010. The result is a comprehensive, detailed and unique report about the state of the world’s oceans and their interplay with ecological, economic and sociopolitical conditions. The following report (WOR II), the second in the series, focuses on the future of fish and their exploitation. The third issue of the World Ocean Review, WOR III, is devoted to marine resources – metals and energy – and their utilization.

The purpose of the publications is to present scientifically robust knowledge in a form accessible to any reader, and thus to serve all those who wish to engage actively and knowledgably in debate on the issues surrounding marine science. The “World Ocean Reviews” (WOR) are available for download in English at http://www.cmas.org/science/biology-educational-materials"

Skribent: Jennifer Söderberg



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